Blue Rising Sun - Logo an eclectic trio from Halle (Saale), Germany. Their musical roots are deep grounded in the sound of the 70´s, psychedelic soundscapes, boned blues and smooth soul partly influenced by modern harder genres. Thereby the songs keep enough space for improvisation and take their trips into many directions. Everybody is welcome to walk the fascinating and electrifying road trough mind and soul which distinguish their live shows.

Friends of handmade music à la Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin will feel at home immediately!

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Hey fellows, at the moment we are hard and ambitious working on our first album which will come out this autumn 2021! To get a small idea you can check out this first mixed song LIGHT AND SHADE. Enjoy!

What a great time with our friends Marco, Christian and Thorolf.

Five days of nature, fun and what we love - channeling music from soul! ;)

Live at Hühnermanhattan 2017

We proudly present two songs of our live concert at Hühnermanhattan, Halle(Saale) 2017.

Special thanks to our friends Julius for camera, Hans for live mix and Marco for editing!


31.07.2021 Café Wagner, Jena

25.09.2021 Stadt Land Künstler Festival, Müllerdorf

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